Cora Bike Racks 

    With Urban centers demonstrating a shift from traditional to more environmentally friendly options, the use of bicycles for the daily commute is a growing area. Many companies have realized this and have promoted the benefits of biking.Often emphasizing that commuting to work by bicycle promotes a healthier life style and is friendlier on our environment. At Cora Bike Racks we realize that urban center’s and communities are actively promoting the use of bicycles and we realize that like anything we own we owe it to our selves to protect it. We are Cora Bike Racks – your supplier to convenient, attractive and functional Bike Racks for those who choose to commute in this manner, and we offer this in a form of a well designed Bike Rack that is very appealing to the eye, trend-going through color, durable and long-lasting.
    Bike racks in and around your workplace, parks and general consensus add security to those who chose to ride for fun, transportation and leisure. Our Cora Bike Racks offer just that, with an added visual attractiveness. A Canadian made product, our bike racks are spared no structural or visual drawbacks – while still maintaining beautiful and rugged appearances.
    Seen here, is our basic, simple and attractive design that we have created while using perfect functionality of security for your bicycle. This design can be expanded from smaller to larger sizes to accommodate what you require for those who commute around your area. Made out of heavy duty quality steel – our bike racks since 1987 have been put through the rigorous tests of abuse, weather changes, wear and tear and emerged still, to it’s day in original form,finish and functionality. Along with this, a piece of mind to you, as the customer that each Cora Bike Rack is hand built and inspected prior to sent to the consumer. Our Bike Racks come with a one-year warranty that is subjected to workmanship or material defects. Seen below, are the different variations of styles and finishes that you are able to choose from to better suit your landscape or design around your premises. Different lengths are available, different colors,finishes and sizes – all for the same purpose, to securely and safely take care of those who use Bicycles in our world today.

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